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Monitor Archive for October 28, 1997

Christian Rock Gets With the Beat
Reality Online
US Nuclear Industry Banks on China's Demand
Why Russia Restricts Religions
Despite What Old-Timers Think, Training Is Tougher Today
A 'Made in China' US Entrepreneur
Serving Country - And Soup
A Master of Detail and Whimsy
Trees Bring Life, Healing To War-Torn El Salvador
Churches Reach Out - And Help Out -By Going Online
Quiet, Please
As I Walk, I Remember Campaigns of Years Past
Researchers Go With the Floe To Unlock Secrets of Arctic Heat
Flo and Bert Alert: They're Heeeerre
China Taps a Key Ally in US: Business
In Asia's Big Haze, Man Battles Man-Made Disaster
N. Ireland Woman May Become Irish President
Jars of Clay Breaks the Mold
News In Brief
Federal Courts Could Referee Neighborhood Zoning Flaps
Freestyle Skier Eric Bergoust Leaps Into Olympic Limelight
Seventh Game Drama Gives Boost to Series
Washington's Bounty
Checkbook Justice: Police Snag Fugitives Using Big Bounties
Federal Deficit Fading Into Economic Sunset