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Monitor Archive for October 20, 1997

Brinksmanship Over National Tests Could Prompt Washington Shutdowns
The Ethics Of Putting Eggs on Ice
Stock Slide: Time to Buy on a Dip, or Sell?
Testing the Temperature of Jordanian-Israeli Peace
'Wired' Learning
Americans Recycle More Paper Despite Low Demand
Key Peace Player Jordan Feels Slighted by US
Moral Ground of Fall Films Hits Pitfalls
Judging China by Chinese Standards
'Devil's Advocate' Falls Into 'Sin-and-Scripture Syndrome'
What Approval Rating?
A Balkans Power-Broker Faces a Test of His Power
The Whole Story Of 'Whole Hog' and Others
Dawn of Laser Weapons Draws Near
Pedigree or Mutt, It's a Dog's Life
Pro Baseball Struggles to Make a Latin Connection in Miami
Bible Reference Reveals Rich Legacy of Judaic Scholarship
One County Gets Serious About Tests
Small Step on Guns
Diplomatic Gaffes Mar Queen's Visit to India
Folk Singer Dar Williams Attracts Online Fans Dubbed 'Dar-Lings'
Southeast Asia in a Haze
Post-US, Somalia Finds Many Cash In on Chaos
News In Brief
Legislation Aims to Increase Adoptions
Partisan Snits Threaten Four Key Spending Bills
The Smell of Basil
Return of Chores: Kids Meet the Broom
Supporting the Arts
Honoring American Women of War
William Klein: Hard-Edged Artist Warms to 'Messiah'