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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1997

News In Brief
The Fox Fur
A Daddy-Daughter Duet Of Beeps and Burbles
You Can't Legislate Goodwill
Influence Buying And Free Speech
New California Laws Expand Protection for Children
Help Save the ... How's That Again?
Reform's Obstacle Course
Mega-Marches: Size vs. Substance
A Poor Man's Advocate
Syrian Soaps Grab Arabs' Prime Time
US Mulls Sanctions Over Iran Oil Deal
Debate Over How to Punish Repentant Polluters
The World Dances To a Cuban Beat
True-Blue Texas BBQ: Vegetarians, Take Cover
Embraced by Sicily
What's On
Irish Village on Map Now That It's 'Techno-Town'
Madagascar Mining: a Silver Lining?
Fast Track & Green Track
More Colleges Struggle to Cap Beer Culture
Hamlet of Canudos Lures Curious Visitors and the Big Screen
The Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers - Hardcover Nonfiction
Legal Eagles Fly High Through TV Airwaves
Religious Persecution In the Global Balance
Cracks in the Serb Media Monopoly
Phone Wars: MCI Up for Grabs
Without Ceasing?
Centennial of a War Stirs a Nation
The List: America's Wealthiest Now Lead the World