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Monitor Archive for October 15, 1997

Healed Simply By Reading a Book?
Irony of Private Charity: UN May Lose Money
Not So Foreign Policy
Pioneer Growth-Busters
The New Yorker Honors Heritage Of Cartooning
Key Religious Issues Behind Scopes Trial Ring True Today
Billion-Dollar Can of Worms
Uncle Sam as Bully?
Move Over Cola, Russia Wants Kvass
Giving Cupid A Nudge
A Brave Handshake
News In Brief
''Grapes of Wrath' Blitz Still Bites Back at Israel
Leafy Invaders Creep Into US Soil and Sink Tough Roots
A Mexican Miner's Struggle For Human Dignity
Desperation and Discomfort In the Lap of Luxury
Asterix: Mickey Mouse Of French-Speaking World
Muslims Exit Serbia In 'Soft' Ethnic Cleansing
A Bridge, as Nature Intended It
After Doing Time, Teens Serve Burgers
New Militia Tactic: 'Paper Terrorism'
Fred Thompson Cast as Villain by Both Sides
Greased Palms Clog Gears of Development
Stars and Stripes the Rage Among the Youth of Cuba