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Monitor Archive for October 10, 1997

The Veto Game
What's On
A Son Begins to Widen His Orbit
Plutonium Power Draws Critics' Fire
Town Where Frost Is King May Be Slowly Melting
A Dad Ponders Gulf Between 'Good' and 'Bad' Kids
Debatable Reform Issues
Madame President: Women Dominate Irish Presidential Race
The Name Game
Murder: The Weapon Isn't the Question
US Pits Ideology Against Economics
How to Stay Cool When the IRS Raises the Heat
Staten Island's Big Moment
Of Recitations, and Maine's Mysterious 17th County
'Seven Years in Tibet' Draws Attention To Tibetan Plight With Colorful Storytelling
New Hong Kong Bears Striking Similarity to Old
the pencil
Cassini's Voyage to Solve Mysteries of Saturn
The Risk of Cassini Probe Plutonium
'Soft Money' Race Blows Past Scandals
A Sheikh's Words May Alter Peace
Actress Jane Alexander Steps Down From NEA
Shoring Up Security Against Cyberterrorists
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
River Town Places Big Bet on Boat
If 'El Che' Came to Cuba Today ...
On the Road for Tax Overhaul
Money Launderers Skirt Law - Using Keyboards
News In Brief