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Monitor Archive for January 30, 1997

Warner Bros. Takes a Lead in Cultivating Talent
News In Brief
Setting the Stage for Transition in Cuba
Harsh Winter Sends Produce Prices Higher
The Best Seat in the House Isn't Always a Chair
Giuliani Pads War Chest as Challengers to N.Y.C. Mayor Line Up
Childhood Home
Two of Drama's Greats Feud Over Black Theater in America
Dollars and Diplomacy in Cold War
Behind Bull Market: Fickle Foreign Money
West 'Betrayed Fighters'
Twenty Years Later: The Force Is Still With Them
Our Benefactor
New World Of No-Hassle Car-Buying
Upheaval: Americas' Story Of Freedom
Washington's Chalk Talk on How to Remake the Classroom
Tuition Relief
In S. Africa, To Forgive Is To Find Out
Automobiles Are Now Computers on Wheels
What's On
Gorbachev's Memoir: In Need of a Historian
Business Leaders Make a Case For Education's Fourth R: the Arts
Airports in Dogfight to Win Lucrative Passenger Business
Romania's Revolution Part 2: Serving Up Justice
My Long-Sought Pleasure: A Silent Musical Treasure
One Show's Dance With TV Ratings
The Link Between Quality of Data and Quality of Life
'A Steak, Please, but Hold the Bells and Whistles'
US-European Ties Emerge From Era Of the Big Chill
Saving an Icon of the Pacific Northwest
History as Panorama, as Snapshot
Chechnya's Victor to Face Russian Grip on Oil Riches
Listen Up
Private TV Puts Political Change - and 'X-Files' - on the Dial
Making Home The Latest Front In the War on Drugs
Grinding Out a Budget