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Monitor Archive for January 29, 1997

News In Brief
What Next for Japan?
'Star Wars' Trilogy Rockets Back
Norway's Native Northerners Dig In To Defend Land, Lifestyle, Language
Acts of God?
What's Behind Good News In Reversing Social Woes
Island of Isolation
Tax Cutting Will Come In Small Packages in '97
British Petroleum Finds Oil - Plus a War
Court Paves Way for Aborigine Claims on Huge Tracts of Land
Chechnya's Vote
As 'Shareholder Value' Arrives in Europe, Stocks Soar
Kenya's Lost Opportunity For Fairer Elections
A Conversation With Sir Laurens
Simpson's Two Trials: Civil, Public Opinion
Discovery of Ancient Tools Sheds Light on Evolution
Cure-All Attempt to Stabilize Italy's Politics Befuddles Many
Brazil's Famed Leader Tries to Write Himself a Second Chapter in Power
Let the Good News Roll
Two Mothers Pine for Sons As Mideast Peace Churns On
Harmonies That Are 'Beyond Belief'
Hurt Fingers and Latin Phrases Foretell Rocky Freemen Trial
Don't Redraw Africa's Borders
Canada's Political Kingpin Wobbles in Public's Eye
A Nun Soars From Convent to Stardom
San Francisco Pioneers Plan to Treat All Drug Users
Catch a Phrase and You're Sittin' on Top of the World