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Monitor Archive for January 23, 1997

Always in the Same Place
Rwanda's Genocide Witnesses Are Killed As Wheels of Justice Slowly Begin Turning
Oklahoma Case Tests Reliability of Eyewitnesses
What's On
Video Helps Torpedo Trash Dumping at Sea
Why Fund-Raising Flap Pummels Democrats
News In Brief
The Shameful Neglect Of Angola's Women
Personal Finance Q & A
Buying Airline Tickets? Shop Around
Work Ethic Replaces Rancor in Congress
Water-Saving Measure Creates New Contraband: Commodes
Downside of Brazil's Auto Boom: Air Pollution, 90-Mile Road Jams
Attention Couch Potatoes - This Spud's for You
Welfare Entrepreneurs
Birth of a Nation? Rebels in Zaire Carve Up a Continental Giant
To Nudge Koreas, US and China Try Matrix Diplomacy
A World of Work, A World of Interruptions Fill With Snow
Children Are Suffering From a Misguided Law
My Son, The What?
Tobacco Industry on Ropes? Not on These Kentucky Farms
After the Handshakes
An Effective Campus Leader
Unique Orchestra Led by 26 Voices, Not a Single Baton
Where Football's Best QB Gets His Streak of Bayou