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Monitor Archive for January 2, 1997

Meet the Other 535 Secretaries of State
Mergers May Bring Services For Home in Single Package
Urban Archaeology Brings Indiana Jones to Middle America
How Do You Love a Child?
Greeting the New Year With A Celebration of Customs
An Important Choice
Alaska Radio: Of Moose and Men
Films Heard 'Round the Water Cooler
The Court of the Uninvited Kitty
What Middle of the Road?
Iraqi Tremors Still Rattle Kuwaitis
What's On
Abortion Issue Moves to Front Line Of British Politics
What Other Critics Say About the Year in Film
Nigerians Celebrate the End Of Year of Living Dangerously
In Caucasus, Democracy Can Rise From the Ashes
Students, Soldiers, Justice
After a Dream About Poetry and Sculpture
US Sighs Relief as North Korea Apologizes, Agrees to Talks
Alpine World's Velvet Revolution: Snowboards Riding High
Tripling Toronto's Size to 'Megacity' May Save Cash, but Irks Residents
Stories That Shake The Globe, Quietly

Russian Style Hits Runways - and Hamlets
Cairo's Noisy Citizens Asked To Hush Up - or Else
A School Czar Who Doesn't Mince Words
Mr. Thin Pockets Lives Cheap and Prospers
Kids Turn to Power of the Pen To Help War-Torn Burundi
Ford Civilizes Its Popular Big Trucks - With Room for the Baby