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Monitor Archive for September 5, 1996

Girls Only?
Walking Home
Plantains for Breakfast? In London?
Can Trade Buy Political Change?
In Pakistan, a Few Businesses Dare To Buck Traditional Friday Holidays

Best-Laid 'Plans' Become 'Programs'
Asbestos Litigation: One Judge's Story
In a Self-Service Age, Who Remembers The Service Economy?
Bosnia's Election
Hot, Young Stars Shed Light On How Galaxies Form
Bob Dole Battles Election Clock And History
Colombia Rebels Respond To Drug War With Attacks
For Young Crowd, Old Vices Become The New Fad
States Are Rushing to Curb Sex Crimes
Legal Immigrants Deported If They Have a Criminal Past
This Week, It's Lotus: Tech Jobs Go 'Temp'
Israeli Leader Finally Meets Arafat After Pressure Peaks
Strategists Debate Risks of Removing Mercurial Iraqi Leader From Power
Gulf War, Part 2: Iraq and US Tied
In United States, Canada, New Laws Fail to Curb Demand for Child Sex
Baghdad Brinkmanship Leaves US With Few Choices
Hamptons Crowd Out New York's Solitude Seekers
A Longer Arm of the Law
Bestselling Nonfiction
Our First Love
Stereographs Brought the World to 1800s Parlors
News In Brief
My Selective Numerical Superiority