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Monitor Archive for September 18, 1996

What Bosnia's Vote Means
Perot Ouster Delights Dole
Innocence Melts Obstinacy To the Joy of an African Child
Campaign to Secede From Italy Makes Ripples, Not Waves
In Halls of Learning, Students Get Lessons In Sexual Harassment
Snip, Snip, Snip: Kohl's 'Salami Approach' Trims German Budget
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Strikes Deep Chord
Divvying Up Yugoslav Assets, Debts Not Easy For Successor States
Backup Plan in Bosnia: US 'Equip and Train'
Praying to Stop Child Abuse
Rise of Colorado's Two-Tiered Turf Spats
Humble Start Hasn't Hurt Reign of 'Gipsy Kings'
Post-Election Bosnia
Young Lives That Touched, Page to Page
Pssst! Want to Earn an Easy $8 Million From Nigerian 'Officials'?
Publishers Check Out Internet Book Sales
Survival of the Fittest ...Families
Freshman Composition

Dostoyevsky vs. Pulp Fiction in Russia
Green EyeShades, Green Values
Dead Can Dance: The World Is Their Cloister
The Stakes in Iraq
Ancient Hero Clovis Stirs French Debate
US, Iraq Tensions Cooler, But Were Gains Worth Price?
Swiss-Born US Envoy to Talk Trade and NATO
Chinese Ecologist Brings Children and Birds Together
Celtic Music Reels In Listeners
News In Brief
Canadian-Owned Lab Invents Switch So Fast It's Ahead of Its Time
Music Aficionados Find A Whole World to Explore