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Monitor Archive for September 10, 1996

Tainted Dirt From California Kicks Up a Storm in Arizona

New Vision for an Old Factory
Germans Yawn At Internet and Other High-Tech
Direct Style of Renoir's Early Work Shines At Clark Art Institute
Campaign Dole-drums
Keep Latin American Arms in Check
Worth Noting on TV
The American Voters' New Tolerance
US Drug Policy: What's the Fact?
More Political Clout For Minorities?
States Put Minor Speed Bumps In Divorce Path
What the Election Means for Your Investments
Growing Number of Colleges Take Bite Out of Tuition Hikes
'Desire' Reflects Mass MoCA's Modern Outlook
Couch Spud's Delight: Remote Control Expands Its Reach
In Zaire, Citizens Find That Democracy Delayed Becomes Democracy Denied
Has Netanyahu Given Hard-Liners Too Much Room to Maneuver?
News In Brief
Tom Noddy Is Forever Blowing Bubbles
City Year's Struggles
Congress Takes A Push Broom To Its Operation
Jupiter's Atmosphere Stirs a Windy Debate
What Color is God?
Science Notes
How to Inspect a Home Inspector
'Lipstick Lobby' Puts 75,000 Women On the Ballot in Patriarchal Brazil
Bubble Stuff You Can Do
A Neighborhood Rises Out of Inner-City Blight
All About Bubbles
How to Make Sure The House You Choose Isn't Being Chewed
Lebanon: Civil War to Uncivil Vote