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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1996

Africans Tighten A Noose on One Of Their Own
A Boyhood Spent Among the Books
Tripping Over Terrorism
What We Saw, Besides the Sea
For US High-Tech Firms, China Is the Next Frontier
3/16 Sanibel Island, Florida
Crime Wave in South Africa Spurs Fierce Vigilante Justice
Rebuilding Our Public Schools
Somalia's Lessons
Life, Mars, the Universe
In N. Ireland, the Will To Resist Marches On
Much Ado About Mansion in the Berkshires
Tina Packer: Spark Plug Behind Shakespeare & Co.
Better Schools: How to Get There
Monitor Cartoon
Subtle Ethics of Using Juries To Send a Message
My Favorite Microbes Spur Cosmic Reflections on Life in the Universe
Sheila Carroll's Long Journey From JFK to Bob Dole
It's the Year of Risks At Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Camp Coppola Sets Scene for 'Jack'
Martian Rock Gives New Life to NASA
Europe Paws Ground Over US Sanctions Aimed at Iran, Libya
Family Movie Guide
Is the Once-Male Citadel Prepared For Co-ed 'Nobs'?
An Antidote to Deforestation: Plant a Tree
Budget Experts Razz Dole's Tax-Cut Plan
Cheap Solution to Rife Pollution Eludes Eastern Europe
Spanish Civil War Still Resonates for Idealists
Moderates Struggle for GOP Clout
Court Denies Federal Payments for Christian Science Care
Putting Out Fire
News In Brief
Worth Noting on TV