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Monitor Archive for August 7, 1996

Israel and Syria Foot-Dragging on Peace
Turkey's Past, And Its Future
A Hiker's Washington Seaside Sojourn
Enthusiasm Carries On Grateful Dead Legacy
Veteran Rock Groups Bring Dj Vu To the Summer Concert Scene
Ground Personnel: Gap in Airport Security System
Coming Home From France
Christians Wrestle Over Ties With Atheist China
Oklahoma Justice: Should Crime Partner Get Death Penalty?
A Borrowed Straw Hat Helps Open a Foreigner's Eyes
Letter to the Editor
Championing Enlightenment Values
The 1996 Election Could Be Green Party's Coming of Age
Tremors in Indonesia
Santa Fe Opera Draws Fewer Locals, More Tourists
Hebron Seethes as It Awaits Decision
Furor in Germany Over Teaching Less About God
Africa south of Sahara boasts dictators and wide political freedom
Celebrating the Seven Seas
The Who Returns With Rousing 'Quadrophenia'
Test-Ban Testiness
Despite Growth, Families Struggle To Prosper in US
More Americans Move Off the Beaten Path
Democracy, of a Sort, Sweeps Africa
Anti-Tokyo Referendums May Spread After Town's 'No' Vote
What Is Our Native Language?
News In Brief
Sharing a Home As Well as the Moon
Foolish US-Europe Fight