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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1996

Where Are All the Tomatoes?
Used Pallets No Longer on the Skids
Reform's Other Front
Russia's Point Man On Chechnya Puts Peace Back on Table
Meaning of the Fine Print in GOP Platform
Tidal Fossils Reveal 18-Hour Day in Earth's Past
Slips of the Tongue Can Incite Lashing by Locals In Former Yugoslavia
Running for Your Life?
Hedge Funds Cater to Rich, But Others Have Access, Too

Teachers Losing Tolerance For Classroom Spitballs
Altman's Approach Is Right Fit for Jennifer Jason Leigh
Can Molinari Help Bridge Republicans' Gender Gap?
Prisoners Do Time - And Pick Up the Tab For Room and Board
'Platforms R'nt Us
Dole Must Appeal To Conservative and Moderate Republicans
Director Builds Metaphor For Jazz in 'Kansas City'
Profile of a Changing Party: New Face of Republicanism
Economic Engagement Benefits Both Russia and US
GOP Eyes Reform Party Gathering
Botswana's Race to Arm
Optical Scanners Whittle Down The Paper Mountain
Worth Noting on TV
A Spot to Stop and Smell the Flowers
News In Brief
The Media's Controversial Ride Over Whitewater Rapids
Seattle Fights Violent Crime and Wins
The Quest for Real News - and a Great Fish Taco
Vive l'Amour Across Channel
Chipping Away at Tree Poaching
Powell, Kemp Polish GOP Appeal to Blacks