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Monitor Archive for July 26, 1996

Family Movie Guide
All the News Unfit to Print: How Media Covers a Crash
Media Literacy Means Better, Smarter TV Viewing
In a First Test, Pro-Islamic Turkey Stays the Course on Western Ties
Patti Smith Makes Rousing Comeback
'Rural Sprawl' Transforms John Muir's Sierra Nevadas
China's Great Wail at Atlanta May be Cover for Its Athletes
With Lamm Running, We'll Get Some Straight Talk on Entitlements
TV News and the Net
Harold Sees Maine, And We Show Harold
Russia's New Troika at the Top
$2.50 for a Bottle of Water? This Must Be the Olympics
A Fight We Don't Need
On the Court or Off, She's Still in Vogue
End of Cold War Brings Huge Savings
Asia Launches a Missile Race
Building a Highway To High School
Circus Arts and 'Pondology': So This Is Summer School?

Rebuild Our Nation's Schools
Choosing How to Heal
Gambia's Dictator Bans Parties to Sharpen His Edge in Vote
Pentagon Debates Role Of US Citizen Soldiers In Combat Overseas
Bosnian Kayaker Is Buoyed By Olympian Generosity
News In Brief
In San Diego, New Jobs Spring From Defense Ashes
Clean Water Bill Gives Congress Sip of Unity
A Bashful Brown-Thumb Does Her Best