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Monitor Archive for July 24, 1996

Itzhak Perlman Plays Up Klezmer Music
Miami's Metamorphosis From Fishnets to Glitter
Transition All Around
Life Without Fear
Leaving Spaces In Harvest and Hearts
Wheat Capital Wilts Under A Kansas Sun
The Glue in US-China Relations
US Election Keeps Clinton Cautious On Bosnia Moves
Texans Adopt Ancient Solution to Modern Water Woes
'Sweatshops' Revisited
Will Air Travelers Pay for Security?
Who Will Be The Next Nadia
Don't Give Nationalists More Time in Bosnia
'Can You Spare a Euro?' Perhaps Not in Britain Yet
Using Fire to Burn Off Oil Spill Ignites Debate
News In Brief
A Quiet Community Pitches In To Help TWA Recovery Effort
Forced, Unpaid Labor Endures in Pakistan Despite Laws
Captured by Commitment: One Man Frees Bonded Workers

Can Argentina Restore Era of Rapid Growth?
For Swimmers, Life Isn't Always Day at the Beach
This Pasture
A Beautifully Landscaped Buffet
How Shorter Lunches Signal Portugal's New Status In Europe
Stock-Picking 101: Students Put College Cash to Work
Korbut Still in the Gym But out of the Spotlight
Operatic Diva Known for 'Carmen' Brings a Listening Ear to Her Art
Minnesota Professors Wage Rebellion in Tenure Dispute
Multimedia Opera Takes Cues From Audiences
The Go-Slow Approach To NATO Expansion