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Monitor Archive for July 22, 1996

Rush Hour In Manhattan, Montana
US Election Stalls Mideast Peace
'Circle of Friends' Airs Black Perspectives
Brazilian City Cashes In On an E.T. With Horns
Abused, Not Destined to Abuse
This is Just to Say
Lack of Low-Level Jobs Will Test Effectiveness of Welfare Reforms
Kazaam! Those Salaries
On Being at Peace
CD Reviews
First the Wind, Then Insurance's Ready Team
News In Brief
Few Europeans Leap For More Tall Buildings
Some Hong Kong Critics, Lacking High Profiles, May Face China's Wrath
Bosnian Serb Steps Down, Skirting War Crimes Trial
Bright Bermuda Sun Shines On Trusts as Well as Tourists
Amateurism in the Olympics Is Fading Faster Than Blue Denim
FDA's Move on New Drug Adds Fuel to Abortion Fire
Dayton Promises
Perot Shows He Won't Go Out Like a Lamm
British Royalty Gives Up the Goods After 700 Years
Shoe Sponsors Step On Each Other's Toes
Bulletin Board
Guns and Youths
How Investigators Unravel TWA Crash
US Must Tread Carefully in the Saudi Sands
Atmospheric Landscapes Radiate Light and Lure of Italy
Out on Video
Don't Make Public Television Stations Commercial
US Firms Spend Wisely Compared With Rivals In Japan and Germany

Finding an Unexpected Home on the Range
Drug Controversy Continues to Trouble the Waters
Real Life in the Real West