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Monitor Archive for July 16, 1996

The T-Shirt That Redeemed an Olympics
Senator Tries to Inject Prudence Into Arms Sales
Congress's Agenda For 80-Day Sprint
Candidates Clinton And Dole Just Don't Get People Jumping
The Future of American Orchestras May Be Bright After All
Dealing With Colombia
Contaminated Fish Mean Loss Of Culture to Penobscot Indians
China Purges 'Absurd' Foreign Words, But 'Kala-OK' (Karaoke) Still Lives On
They're Bats, They're Back - This Time With Better PR
Gumshoes Turn to Internet for Spadework
Smart About Weapons
Sole Summer Opening On Broadway Weighs Lifestyle Choices
Palestinians and Democracy
New Kids on Trade Bloc: Portugal and Ex-Colonies
Keep Telling America's Story
Managing Stress Is Not Enough
A Gymnast Perfecting Her Passion
Carmakers' Latest Idea: Two Wheels and Pedals
Race to Get Information Out Is Olympic Event
News In Brief
From Biking to Volleyball, Your Guide to Olympic TV

Global Idealism Is Still Intact For a Peace Corps Class of '61
Paper Mills Move to Clean Up Their Acts
Some Insurance Policies Are Best Left Unbought
Russia's Far East Looks To Pacific for Business, To Moscow for Politics
Clinton Cuba Policy Juggles US Voters, Irate Trade Allies
Tale of Two Cleanups: Bertha Stirs Class Conflict
Despite US Coercion, Cuba Dips Toe Into Capitalist Zones