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Monitor Archive for July 15, 1996

US Farm Exports Surge - And Not Just Grains
Corruption and Capital Flight Rob Mexico of Needed Funds
Perot's Back, but Support Has Shifted Since '92 Run
An Invasion Slowly Flattens the Last Tropical Rain Forest in N. America
Mom Dons Gloves and Jumps Into the Ring
Summer Documentaries on PBS
Tax Man in Russia Comes Up Short
NBC, Microsoft Launch Interactive News Service
A Few Good Picks Amid Summer Reruns
A Tree and a Rope Sway the Neighborhood
Working the System
Pops and Anthems Usher in Olympics
N. Ireland Peace Hopes Torn but Not in Tatters
Church Raising, Not Church Burning
For Price of a Dinner, You Can Fly to Orlando or L.A.
Turning Point in Oklahoma Bomb Trial
Child Labor - a Shadow Over the Atlanta Games
Are 'Vipers' Terrorists or Just Gun Lovers?
S. Africa's Neighbors Want Lopsided Trade Smoothed
News In Brief
US Stock Investors Ask: Is It 'Correction' or 'Bear'?
How Nation's Largest Gang Runs Its Drug Enterprise
It's Not Really Gold It's Just 'Priceless'
Chicago Neighborhood Generates $1 Million a Week
Justice Justifiably Delayed? A Courtroom Quandary

Wall Street Turbulence
Master Writer Shares His Craft Despite Himself
Do Theme Dorms Sanction Self-Segregation?