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Monitor Archive for July 12, 1996

A Glimpse of Ganymede Reveals the Face of a Planet
Facing Terrorism's Reach
Capitalism Crushes China's Gender Equality
Garibaldi Gold
For Americans, Safety in Desert May Be Mirage
ATF Critics Reload, Take Aim With Waco Report
New Funds: Jumping In Has Risks
Put Some Spine Into Human Rights Advocacy
Reform Party; Resurgent Dole
TV Lovers Tune Into The World Of Wings
Bond Investors Fasten Eyes on Interest Rates
Better Baseball
Peace Process in Limbo After Netanyahu Visit
Cultural Symbols Of the Old South Clash With Spirit Of the Olympics
How - and Whether - to Pick a Fund Family
With $20 Billion in Assets, Strong Aims to Add More
Fanily Movie Guide
A Reporter's Courage
Worth Noting on TV
What Angels Really Are
Stocks Are Shaky After Strong Quarter
Sri Lanka's Victory Against Tamil Tigers Proves Short-Lived
Managers Offer 'Strong' Returns
N. Ireland Mob Protests Put Peace Talks in Doubt
African Athletes Find Training, Home, and Heart in a Small Town
Cambodia Struggles To Overcome Legacy Of Its Brutal Past
News In Brief
How Ralph Tweaked Timex With the Bug Light Clock
The Mutual-Fund King, Fidelity, Is Also Trail Mix Of the Financial World