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Monitor Archive for July 10, 1996

Cloak and Dagger in the '90s: Tracking Terrorists' Tools
Latest Border-Control Effort: Halting Flow of Illegal Drugs
Yes, America there is a speed limit in the 'Montanabahn'
Cambodia's Ex-Communists Get Stronger Backing of West
In New West, Buffalo Roam On Ranches
Protestants in N. Ireland Put Peace Talks on Hold
When Whales Hold Their Breath
Belt-Tightening Reaches A Limit in Latin America
Church Fire Phenomenon Goes Beyond Racial Lines
Boycotts May Boomerang on US
Soldiers Become Plowmen As Mozambique Revives
Keep an Eye on Indonesia
Sweet Success May Be in Goats' Milk Candy
World's Most Senior Olympian Packs for Atlanta Visit
Prickly Cactus Create Comfortable Jobs
Islamic Democracy: No Oxymoron
That Baseball Cap May Do More Than Keep the Sun Off
Lamm's Entry Will Spice Up Campaign '96
The Dog With an Ear For Yiddish
The Preparation of Prayer
Informed Consumers Can Protect the Planet
Ontario May Sell a Portion Of Its Huge Electrical Utility
It's All in a Sandwich
Lebed Is in Position To Shape Russia's Future
An Olympic Fencer Makes a Few Points
Machines Offer Loans, Not Just Quick Cash
News In Brief
A $1 Billion Route to Make Ex-Foes Meet