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Monitor Archive for July 1, 1996

News In Brief
Much Arm-Twisting Ahead in Nuclear Test Talks
Counting on Return of Boris Yeltsin, Business Hopes for Economic Upturn
Divided Court Searches For a Judicious Center
Saudi Bomb Highlights How Arabs Remain Split on Curbing Islamic Foes
Japan's Big Start in '96 Crunched by Numbers
Tunisia Undercuts Militants With Reforms for the Poor
Post-Blast, US Moves To Tighten Security Throughout Mideast
I Am Not Just an African Woman
Secular Turks Hope to Check Nation's First Islamist Leader
Victims' Rights
Are Kids Learning to 'Just Say No'?
US Trade Deficit With Japan Drops, One Razor at a Time
For Islam's Centrists, Patience Is High Road
Snack Time
Act on Fisheries Bill
Point of Reference
Borne by an African Tide
Global Experience Is Bringing Better Antipoverty Programs

Sports Calendar
More Young Americans Turn Off Network News
Flextime's Time Has Come
Religious Thinkers Share Stories Of 'Searching for God in America'
Polka Tale Is Full of Promise
Who Were Those Masked Men? Mexico is Worried
Firefighters Turn to Satellites And Laptops to Battle Blazes
Photographers' Battle Over Royalties Could Affect Artists
Work, or Else: Welfare Moms Strive to Meet the Ultimatum