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Monitor Archive for June 18, 1996

Miles From Ruby Ridge
How to Invest in Rising Stars Before Companies Go Public
An 'August Surprise' From Dole Could Include Colin Powell
Latest N.Y.C. Gridlock Threat: A Rise in Exports of Garbage
Is Eastern Europe Ready for NATO?
Russia Opts for Stability, Aiding Yeltsin
A Cook Learns Her Lessons In a Small Parisian Kitchen
Germany Debates Shelving Law That Makes Shops Close Early
'Defend America Act' Is Not the Right Nuclear Defense
Will Diesels Make a Comeback on US Roads?
Tension on West Bank Rises As Jewish Settlers Get Restless
Comic Books: No Longer Just for Kids
Panglossing Things Over - or, Why Educators Can't Fix Education
Monitor Cartoon
Smarts Behind the Silver Screen
Ella Fitzgerald, Artist 'Beyond Category'
Eritrea Offers Key Lessons in Nation-Building
News In Brief
Dow Can Hit 7,000 By '98, Analyst Says
Firefighters Don More Urban Hats
Walking the Beat With a Nuclear Patrolman
Urban Lessons on Violence-Free Victories
Defending Decency
US Lauds Ballot Result but Struggles With Resurgent Russian Nationalism
Grow With the Punches
Worth Noting on TV
A Culinary Wish Comes True, Briefly
US-China Deal on Piracy Warms Up Ties - for Now
Israeli Leader's Plan: Talk Tougher And Give Up Less Land
Electrifying Research Destroys Pollutants That Cause Smog