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Monitor Archive for May 28, 1996

Atlanta at Crossroads Of Sports, Scriptures
Geothermal Pumps Tap Energy of the Earth Year-Round
Presidential Politics Presage a Change In Supreme Court
Israel's Choice: Peace or Security?
News In Brief
Most Politicians Cause Their Own Bad Press Coverage
At Home in 'Presidential Playrooms'
Long-in-the-Tooth Dinosaur Offers Up New Wisdom
Brazil's Landless Need More Than Land Reform
Idea Power
Green Architects Take 'Whole Building' Approach
Worth Noting on TV
Chechen Leader, at Kremlin, Is Key to 'Millions of Votes'
Summer's Long Days Bring Bittersweet Solace
Summer Job Hunt Begins in Earnest
Your Fund $$$ at Work
Hubble's Keen Eye Puts Age of Universe In Astronomers' Sights
Religion Takes Root on Campus
Why This Israeli Election Matters More Than Most
Network Computer Eases Surfing, but Will It Pass the Value Test?
And Also...
Media Heat Puts Fund Managers In the Hot Seat
Major's Big Beef Against EU: All Sizzle
Huck Finn's Yarn Gets a New Twist
Creative Funding Helps Developers Rehab Historic Sites for Low-Income Housing
Clinton Leans to Right, Co-opting Dole Themes
Crusty French Burnt Over Baguette War
Triumph and Tribulation At Indy Racing Venues
A Parent's Right and Responsibility
Uncle Sam Still Sells Savings Bonds, And Many Find Them a Good Deal
Licensing Students to Drink?
Old Manuscript Sheds New Light On Twain's Vision for Huck Finn