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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1996

Phone Woes? It Could Be A Burst Solar 'Inner Tube'
Twisters Still Hold Mysteries for Chasers
How the Word 'Plastic' Became a Complex Metaphor
On stage
How Clout Is Shifting in Congress
US Immigrants Join Rebellion to Topple Bilingual Education
To Help Black Males
L.A. Valley to Become, Like, Splitsville?
Traveler Mines Peru's Culinary Riches
Bosnian Serb Leader Defies West, Holds Power
Down and Out in Tokyo: Japan Grapples With Social Angst
Older Women on TV Are Either Absent Or Sadly Demeaned
One Judge's Verdict: Reform Criminal Justice System
For the Directionally Challenged, A Satellite to Keep the Car on Course
She Wrote From the Heart And Touched the Child in All of Us
News In Brief
No More Pies in the Face For Soupy Sales
It's a Contest Between Two Millionaires in Race For Oregon's Senate Seat
A Fanciful Flock and the Boy Who Made Them Fly
Speaking of Slavery: The Last Taboo
The Dow Flourishes at 100, Despite Criticism
Books With an Accent on Adventure
Secrecy Shrouds Russia Again, Rolling Back Gains of Glasnost
Video 'Slots' Help Gamblers Lose Faster
Sri Lanka Manages to Coax Some Tamils Back to Jaffna
The Wilderness Society
Questions Now That Cannes Is Over
A First-Grader's Toothy Tale Of Seek and Find
What the Court Didn't Say
Upsizing Joins Downsizing as AT&T Faces Music
Movies Are a Break From Real Tornado Science
Why a Likud Victory Wouldn't Bury the Peace
A Son's Memoir of Sadness and Hope