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Monitor Archive for May 22, 1996

Everything's Up-to-Date in Tel Aviv, the Worldly City
Nigerian Press Under Fire From Military Leaders
My Choice
Drivers in US Should Enjoy Cheaper Gas
Finding One's Own Pace As the World Rushes By
India's New BJP Government Prepares for Date With Destiny
Curbing the Pirates
News In Brief
'Mission: Impossible' Flies High
Asians in US Flex Political Muscle
Iraq Sheds Pariah Profile, Liter by Liter
Modern, Secular Ways Battle Notion of Biblical Homeland
Poor Nations Leapfrog to Future Via New Technologies
What's Behind Rise and Drop In Welfare Rolls
West African Peacekeepers Falter in Strife-Torn Liberia
Asian-American Wealth Shows in Thriving Chinatowns
Africa: The News Is Not All Bad
Redefining What It Means to Be an Israeli
Women Soccer Squad's Winning Ways May Dub It 'America's Team'
Ultimate Test at Cannes: Claps, Boos, or 'Seat Slams'
With Pride at Steak, Britain to Duel EU
All the Wrong Ways Assumptions Took Him
Gender Revolution in Precinct House
Stretching the Defense Dollar
Despite Rules, Canadians Use Satellite TV Dishes
Witness Jackson Hole's Wildlife and Wilderness
Slow Flight to China