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Monitor Archive for May 20, 1996

Israeli Vote May Pivot on Immigrants
One Nation Indivisible Under Prodi? Italy's New Chief Tries to Avoid Split
A Green-Thumbed Writer Tells How His Two Loves Grow
Gambling: a Bad Bet
Is It Third-Class Mail, or Catalogs of Woe?
Boorda Suicide Raises Doubts About Media as Morality Cops
Feeling Smug, British Labour Starts to Bicker
Business in Cyberspace: US Tests ID Card System
Defense Conversion: a Tale of Two Methods
Dole Presidential Campaign Is Now Running on Empty
Mark Spitz Motivates Others to Be Winners
News In Brief
Attitude Is Key for These Computer Users
Dreams of a Unified Bosnia Fade as Ethnic Lines Harden
Germany Stares Down Maw of Union Protests Against Budget Cuts
A 'Yankee Republican' In Conservative Court
How To Reduce Unwanted Mail
Telling the Red
Preservation Priorities
Nation of Islam Extends Its Reach Behind Prison Walls
Home and Heaven
Travel Tips For Single-Parent Families
Who Shot JR - to Romania? 'Dallas' Fans Flock to Ranch
Pension Plan Devised For Small Businesses
Gas-Tax Cut: Running on Fumes
Single Parents Strike a Balance on Vacations
How One Discount Airline Flies Safely - and Profitably
More Watchdogs on Wall Street: Feds, Markets Move on Reforms