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Monitor Archive for May 2, 1996

Two Sides of GOP Financial Coin
The Power of Statistics To Affect Lives - Even When They're Wrong
The Feeling I Have When I'm Healed
UN Trade Body Strains To Prove It's Needed
On Liking Where You Are
Clinton Administration Sharpens War On Terrorism as Israeli Elections Near
A 'Vacuum of Voices' Gives Japan's Reds a Boost
News In Brief
France Crusades For Influence In Middle East
Large Lessons Learned In a Small Old Schoolhouse
How Congress Risks Losing Twice on China
Is Grass Greener Than AstroTurf? More Sports Teams Make a Switch
Health-Care Flap Turns On Medical 'Piggy Banks'
Business Books in Brief
A $550 Million Question: How Risky is Rocky Flats?
Kohl Seeks Wider Weave in German Social Net
Perfectly Purple From Top to Toe
The Wild and Whorlly Fiddlehead
Presidential Race Looms Over Russia's May Day
Security at Summer Games Is Olympic Event
Many Happy Returns
Liberian Hotelier Survives War With Cunning, CNN
Wedding Checklist: Couples Add Premarital Counseling
Sense on Gas and Wages
The Ultimate Picky Eater Gets a New Lease on Life
Louisiana Drinking-Age Ruling: a Backward Step