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Monitor Archive for May 17, 1996

Freeze Frames
Slavery Abolished? Only Officially
Senator Dole's exit marks ascendancy of Southern conservatives in Congress
Dealing With Disaster
Lawmakers Criticize Tobacco Firm's Plan To Curb Sales to Kids
A Durable Economic Plank
A Durable Economic Plank
Parties Take a Rear Seat in Israel Vote
At Cannes, a Celebration of Directors Who Are Artists Instead of Showmen
A Weak Yeltsin 'Starts' to Campaign
To Protect Hong Kong, Preserve China's MFN Status
Top Television Shows Over the Years
Spacey on Defense
On Stage
Could Yeltsin or His Red Foe Steal Russia's Election? Yes.
Dole's Bold Move
News In Brief
Departure allows Kansan to sharpen his message, but he won't be an 'outsider'
A Weak Yeltsin 'Starts' to Campaign
When Does a Child Become Responsible for Violent Acts?
Hindu Nationalists Rule India - but How Long?
Grandpa Gould's Very Own Version of Gettysburg
What's On TV?
Debate Smolders Over How to Fight Fire in America's Forests
US, China Go to Mat In Battle Over Piracy
To Cut Crime, Create Jobs for Ghetto Youths
Rambunctiousness Defined
Out on Video
Grain-Price Volatility Propels Frenzied Boom in Futures
V-Chip Promises Limits That Are Easy to Set
Worth Noting on TV