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Monitor Archive for May 15, 1996

School Debate: Fewer Sit-Ups, More Science
Wall St. Cheers Tame Prices; Will Fed Hold Rates Steady?
Russian Grandeur Pays Visit To the American South
GOP 'Star Wars' Plan: Too Soon for a Sequel?
In SiliWood, Dreams, Data Collide
Soap Operas With a Mouse
Chicago Firms Say 'Surf's Up' In the Heartland
Mexico's Path Out of Corruption
Ins and Outs
Perry Puts Deterrence in Dustbin And Calls for Preventive Defense
What's Behind Community Enforcement
Where Did Fido Bury It Now? Replacing Lost Game Pieces
Divisions Fade at a Child's Dance
You Don't Have To Be Afraid
Dole Campaign Mapping Out Tax-Cut Strategy
News In Brief
Clash at Colorado U. Between Academic Freedom and Funding
Finding Friendship in France Among Crepes and a Collision
New Era Opens for Caribbean Country
Unity Among Israel's Arabs Could Lead to New Clout
Nations Around World Try to Get A Grip on Guns
World Stock Markets Ride Economic Growth
The IRA's Choice
'Operation Night Light' Keeps Offenders In for the Evening
Montreal-Made Suits Fly Off Racks in US
Dinnertime Chats With Kids: Beyond Yes, No, and Nothin'
Will the Real GOP Please Stand Up And Defend Itself
Congress Searches For Win-Win Trim
Russians Go Easy On Prison, Heavy On Death Penalty
Bosnia Serbs Feel West's Cold Shoulder
Portraits of Russian Revolutionaries Cause Stir