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Monitor Archive for April 29, 1996

Syrian Leader Pulls Strings On Israeli-Lebanon Fighting
Pritzker Laureates
California's Record May Slow Rush to Raise Speed Limits
As November Nears, Clinton Touts Foreign Policy Acumen
Lawmakers Seek 'Efficiency' in US Spy Business
Kohl Launches Plan to Put Germany's Purse in Order
Shrimp Lovers, Take Note
A Place in the Workspace That Nurtures Our Poet-Selves
Cold Snap Hits Georgia Onion Belt
News In Brief
Soft-Drink Giant Turns Russia's Ex-Reds 'Blue'
Invoking an 'Executive Decision'
Denver Blacks Out of Step With March?
The Illuminated Manuscript: Medieval and Modern
Empathy Motivates College Mentors
Gold Bars Retain Symbolic Value - As the IMF Learns
Where Is Your Ark?
Spanish Architect Vaults to the Top
Monitor Writer Wins Overseas Press Award
A Brief Look at the Award and Its Jury
Laying Bare America's Seedbed of Discontent
Contrasting Views of Totalitarianism During the Cold War
The Great Exception in America's Experiment
Mandela's Honeymoon Is Over as Rand Takes Dive
China Tightens Its Grip on Tibet In Attempt to Rule Feisty Region
When Humane Concerns Outweigh Journalistic Codes
A Little Responsibility Helps At-Risk Students Take the Lead
At Last, a Budget
US and Japan Must Forge A True Military Alliance