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Monitor Archive for April 25, 1996

Women Get the Word Out at Top Book Houses
Dole's Tough Task: Wearing Two Hats In Presidential Bid
Women in Sierra Leone Risk Lives to Bring Peace
As Others 'Surf' Net, BBN Corp. Builds It
A Century of Cooking With Fannie
Girls' Day Out

A Media Circus Surrounds Japan's Trial of the Century
Anger Is Not OK
An Owl May Be Wise, But Sociable It Is Not
When Civilians Are Fair Game in War
Celebrities Beat a Path To Lair of Mexico Rebel
Sports Mogul Is Team Player in Phoenix
Hiring of Grads Is Up, but Terms Are Tough
Torch Relay Aims to Fire Up US for Olympics
A Public Library's Progress
Habits of Thought That Shaped Germany
Collective Spirit Missing As Women Climb Job Ladder One by One
The Two Worlds of Shirley Temple: Hollywood and Diplomacy
Health-Insurance Politics
Brass Bands in the Big Easy
If Fannie Farmer Made You Dinner
Dad Needed No Words To Say 'Don't You Dare Do It'
Insurance That Travels But Price May Be High
A Look Into Medieval Sensibilities
Directors of Independent Publishers Look Ahead
War Threatens African Tribe's Centuries-Old Cattle Culture
A Look Into Medieval Sensibilities
Squeezing the Best From a Fruitful Job
Latin America Resists Populism's Siren Call
Rail Line Could Put Iran in the Middle Of New 'Silk Road' Between Asia and West
Union Invades Silicon Valley - Mop in Hand
Emancipation in England Pricked Conscience of US
News In Brief
On 175th Anniversary, English High Is Still Port of Entry to Boston
If Chechens Lose a Leader, Moscow May Lose Peace