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Monitor Archive for April 23, 1996

Boston's 'Big Dig' Hits a Ditch in Funds
China Finds Yeltsin A Better Friend Than His Red Rival Is
Britain's Queen Elizabeth Faces Cash-Flow Problems
Mitsubishi Plant Rallies Workers to Protest Case
Her Life Led Her Straight to Jail
Clock Ticks on Return Of Bosnia's Refugees
Inseparable From God
Science PhD Programs Build Bridges to Urban Minorities
Sri Lanka Wages War to Control Both Land and Tamil People
News In Brief
Who Wins and Who Loses With a Minimum Wage Hike
Stiffing UN Shortchanges US
Russia's Juries Give Police an O.J.-Style Rap
Solo or Team Photo?
Two Views of Mexico

Computers May Soon Become More Voice-Mail Savvy
Civil Unrest in Bahrain May Have Serious Implications for Gulf - and US
New Englanders Rethink Government 'by the People'
The Russian Campaign

Chaplain Offers Solace To Those in His 'Neon Parish'
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Slam-Dunk Superstar of 1800s
Glimpsing Eternity in Blake Biography
Her Life Led Her Straight to Jail
In Africa, a Bold Test to Spread Power
From Deposits to Stocks, Check Your Insurance
Tribute to a Special Wild West Explorer