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Monitor Archive for April 16, 1996

Electronics Put a New Spin on 'Inside Sports'
US Swaps Okinawa Base Land For Japanese Military Support
Voter Self-Interest Trumps Vision, Values
Who's Bribing Now?
Publix Case: Women Revolt on Aisle 7
More Than Water Divides Taiwan, China
US Lunch 'Hour' Pared: 36 Minutes for a Snack
High Court Tackles Case Shaping How Parties Spend Cash
Ivory Towers and Ivy-Covered Walls Will Yield to On-Line Learning
Ocean Cops Help Save Endangered Right Whale From Ships
A Butterfly Quiz
The MEN'S Movement
Tables Turn on Iran's Islamic Extremists
To Revitalize a Decaying City Takes Many Acts of Providence
News In Brief
Too Much Democracy Spoils an Opera
A Guide to the Men's Movement

Harassment Suits Rise on Factory Floor

The Tamale-Maker's Gift of Friendship
Congress Enters Last Lap With '96 Election in Mind
Lessons From a Shadow
Take Your Library Along - Even to the Beach
The Men's Movement 'Grandfather' Reaches Out To a Broader Audience
Vermont's Dirty Little Tax Secret
Needed: Clinton-Dole Bill
Next Global Alert: Persistent Organic Pesticides
Major's Government Nears Expiration Date
World's Biggest Buffer State Won't Bow Down to Yeltsin
Investors Can Start Small With Some Stocks, Funds