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Monitor Archive for April 11, 1996

Turkey Smites US-Led Effort To Aid Iraq's Exiled Kurds
Should Pupils Who Fail Be Held Back?
Paradoxical Advice for Politicos

Hong Kong Unions May Spark Labor Unrest in China
Liberia's Crisis Shows Price Of Ignoring African Strife
More Mercedes Cars Cruise Cairo Streets as Rich Prosper
Hallelujah Bug
. . . and So I Prayed
Why the Huge Defense Budget? No Answer Here
Wired for Learning
Wild and Wacky World Of Arcane and Glorious Political Memorabilia

News In Brief
Uncle Sam Wants To Recruit a Few Good Contractors
TV Activist: Curb Internet Ads for Kids
Nails Are Hot, Stamps Are Not: Collectors Go for Clunky, Funky
Sales Up: Auto Firms Sound Sigh of Relief
Tracking Down 'the Real McCoy'
Simplicity of Line Defines Pastry Chef's Artful Tarts
Self-Sufficiency Is Measure Of Chicago Newspaper's Success
Swinging Skyward on Summer 'Steeds'
Invite the Police to Dinner
Roots of Liberian Strife
Shell Game
GOP Congressman Ousted in Texas Runoff
Republicans Seek Bigger Roadblock To Higher Taxes
How a Talented Amateur Became Golf's No. 1 Volunteer
A Family-Values Crisis: the Overindulged Child
Masters Golf: Some Key Players to Watch
Edsel, Synonym for Failure, Now a Pricey Collectors' Item
A Favorite Battleground for Invaders Now Finds Freedom Tough to Bear

An Innocent Scene Among the Struggles