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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1996

Little Praise for This English Prose
Diaghilev's Many Unsung Successes
China Tightens More Screws On a Panicky Hong Kong
Yeltsin Makes Peace Bid in Chechnya
A Vision for American Stage: Embrace the Complexity of Culture
Mandela's First Shuffle Of Cabinet Jitters Some
Cubans Divided by a Rush to Exits
Taiwan Moves To Restore Shaken Investor Confidence
Stopping to Smell the ... Leaves
Reaching 2,000 M.P.H. - With a Little Water
States to Parents: Pay for Your Children's Crimes

US-Russia Relations: Take the Long View
Finally, a Farm Act
The Beautiful Blend Of Ballads on the Night Bus
Now, CEO Layoffs
Street Musicals Infuse Theater With Energy of Improvisation
Lessons of a House With Heart
Israeli Election Plunges Into Unknown
Churches Risk Tax Standing By Becoming Too Political
Stock-Car Racer Petty Seeks North Carolina State Office
Don't Believe All You Read Today
Calling Ben Franklin
Prayer for the Innocent
Congress Strives To Make Over Its 'Do Nothing' Face
Where Have All the Teach-Ins Gone? Gone to Classrooms...
Sierra Leone Changes Power Without Coup, Despite Ongoing War
Cosmic Rays Tell History of the Land
Missouri Struggles With Its 'Hot' Dogs

Skybar Chocolate Bars, With Four Flavors in One, Are Still Flying High
Texas sues tobacco companies for $4 billion
You Can't Be the Boss And a Buddy Too