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Monitor Archive for March 5, 1996

New Choices in Education Will Drive Broader Reform
Air Travel Tax Refund: Worth Some Hassle?
Political Plays on Regional Checkerboard
Palestine FAR
Newman's Food Line Benefits 600 Charities
Legal Costs, Budget Cuts Bedevil Superfund
The Hunt Code-Named 'Bunglesnoot'
The 'Real' Al Gore Comes Out of Hiding
Harlem Choice: Fresh Lettuce or 'Fair' Zoning
More Notebook Computers for Bargain Hunters
Russia's Wild East Bucks at Moscow
What's New with APS
It's Men vs. Machine In New York Primary
(False) Perils of Budget-Cutting
South Africa Strips Icons Of Painful Apartheid Past
Scaled-Down Pentagon May Give Ammo to GOP Campaign
Fund Arms Control
Diesel Trucks That Idle All Night Are No Idle Threat to Air Quality
More Decisions, Less Hassle for the Casual Shooter
Congressional Attempts to Reform Law
The Microbe's Magic Is a Fast-Disappearing Act
Grading the Public Schools
News In Brief
Exploring Bows and Bubbles
US, Mexico Hear Drip, Drip, Drip Of Water Draining From Border
Some Examples Of Superfund Sites

A Teacher Unfazed By Alaska Bears, Cold
Policing Executive Branch - at What Price?

Spain's Right Takes Stage, Shedding Franco Legacy
Selling Securities Is Easy, but Do It in Moderation
Sorting Things Out
Advanced Photo System Has Hands-Off Appeal
Rush Out After a Rainstorm And Discover That Rainbow