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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1996

Rwanda's Ricochet: Ethnic Strife in Zaire
The Kansas Wind Rustles Up Memories of Dole's Early Days
Higher Resolution Brings Richness To Digital Mona Lisa
Mobile Kids Daunt Urban Schools
'Land and Freedom' Dares to Explore Moral Issues Behind a Revolution
India's Corruption Scandal Casts a Shadow Over Elections
Capturing the Spirit Of the Men in the Movies
But Who Got the Tip?
Japanese Monarchy In a Bind
Finally, a Men's Basketball Foursome
The Future of Futures May Be Decided Here
Kids Control High-Flying Space Cameras
Character Is the Core Of Good Leadership
City Halls Take Up Slack in Family Programs
China's Missile 'Tests' Reveal A Potential US Can't Ignore
France Surfs Web, But Culture Stays Leather-Bound
Whitewater Book Churns Political Rapids for Clintons
News In Brief

Red Light-Green Light on Health-Care Reform
A Downsized, Down and Out Army
School Reform With a Corporate Twist
Dole Tries On Gov. Wilson's Message, but Will It Wear?
Trials in Little Rock
When Pension Money Is at Stake, Try an IRA
In 'Glitter Town,' All is Not Gold
Just Say 'Enough'
African-American Art That Blossomed In Postwar Paris
A Ray of Light
Job Growth Puts Pressure on Fed To Steady Rates