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Monitor Archive for February 7, 1996

A Surprise Visitor Shakes Up a Sleepy Village
Governors Play Role Of Referee in Budget Game in Washington
Salman Rushdie Steps Out - Feisty and Undaunted
Monitor Scribe Named Principia President
Gascon Chef Touts the Riches of His Region
Texas Boll Weevils Beware: A New Parasite Is in Town

Stand by Taiwan
An Ally Turned Foe Points Finger At Serbia's Milosevic for War Crimes
South Korea Watches A Conglomerate Fold
French Haute Cuisine Gets Cooler Public Reception
The Power of Prayer, Denied
News In Brief
Extravagant, Madcap Vision of an Indian Clan
Democracy Can't Last In Haiti if We Leave Now
Israelis Struggle To Make a Home For Ethiopian Jews
Images That Search Out The Poetry of Humanity
'Peace Is Not Only In Prayers ...'
How '96 Elections May Alter World's Geopolitical Map
Aristide to Pass Baton and Keep Running
The Africa Quandary
The Monirtor's Guide To BESTELLERS
Seeds of Doubt
It's 'Piano' vs. 'Jurassic Park' In Movie Joust
Fafaru by Any Other Name Would Smell as Foul
Lessons on the Uprooted From Bosnia Peace Accord
Psst Sports Fans: Want a Singing Shirt With Optional A/C?
Japan's Bank Rescue Stirs Anger
GOP Edges Closer to Turning D.C. Into Test Lab for US Urban Policy