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Monitor Archive for February 26, 1996

Delacroix's Pastels Dance With Color
Strategically Vital Ukraine Merits United States Support
GOP Seeks Way To Resuscitate Agenda on Hill
France Downsizes Defense To Compete With US
Bells Yet to Toll For Last Czar In Church Row

The True Nature of Art And the Audience It Needs
'Anne Frank Remembered' Enhances Heroine's Story
Florida Students May Face Tougher Standards in School
Two Responsible Plans to Free Hostage Budget
Long Arm of the Law Nabs Suspected Spy - 30 Years Later
Arizona Vote Poses First Test of Western Themes
Plane Downing Fuels Anti-Cuba Sentiment
Clinton Fed Nominees Please GOP
Living to Help
Bombers Bent On Sabotaging Israeli Peace
Britain Mired by Flak After a Giant Oil Spill
Two Black Media Voices Speak To Relieve Bigotry's Burden
Inmates Pay Debt to Society And Taxpayers - With Cash
A Step Away From Dayton
Marketing US Films Abroad
As Workers Go Mobile, Office Adapts
Raking in Loans and Doling Out Promises, Yeltsin Boosts June Bid
Americans Rediscover Pantheon of Black Heroes