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Monitor Archive for February 22, 1996

Language Lovers Can 'Take the Cake'
GOP at a Pitchfork in Road
The City and the Soldiers That Lured Hopkins Stateside
Ontario's Love for Hawk on Budget Turns Cold as Cuts Begin to Bite
Will Entertainment Execs Hear Parents' Pleas?
Rush to Judgment Risks Partnership on Drugs
Profitable Reading: Finance Books Abound
In Fifth at Bat, Giants Try to Get Baseball Out of Candlestick Park
News In Brief
You Aren't What You Eat
From Workload to Spilt Milk, 'Mom Talk' Radio Covers It
Border Clampdown Stymies Work-Hungry
Don't Eliminate Tenure Just to Trim Deadwood
Whitmore Muses on History, Heroes, and Mr. Holmes
New Hampshire Speaks
'Border Cooking' Simmers Close to the Home Ranch
Helping to Stop Hatred
Nonstop 'Wisdom' From Finger-Wagging New Authority Figures
Arizona Jury Reforms Buck Legal Traditions
Chinese Are Stuck at Home, Short on Wheels and Wings
What Was Missing?
Oriental Red Poppy
Burundi on the Brink
Cleaner Air but No Clarity on Next Steps
Washington Shines Through In Modern Moral Biography

'New' Letters From An Indefatigable Writer
GOP at a Pitchfork in Road
Poland's Reforms Bolstered by Vote
The Life and Times Of a Great Man of Law: Oliver Wendell Holmes
Russian Reform Lives, Insists Ex-Yeltsin Aide