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Monitor Archive for February 21, 1996

How to Defang Tigers
Israeli-Palestinian Patrols Forge New Links
California's New Ballot-Box War: Racial Set-Asides
Happy Year of the Rat
Need an I-Beam? Call the Metal Supermarket
The Slippery Dress Fiasco: Caution, Shrinks When Wet

Alone ... with God
Gently Retracing The Paths of the Past

There Is
Let's Decide Who Owns What in Gulf, Red Sea

IRA Bombing Marks Internal Power Shift to Radicals
Florida Cane Farmers Sour On Everglades Restoration

IRA Folly
The Power of the Word: Prayers of America's Blacks
Once Labeled Traitors, White Russians Renew Their Homeland Ties
Hitting the High, Sweet Notes of Gospel Music
From Slave to Samba School Star
Lunch-Pail Populists Rise Around World
Planning a Holiday At a British Center Parc
A System as 'Neglected' as Kids It Serves
Canada's New Coin: A 'Toonie'?
Morocco Bans Public Smoking
A Return to 'Jurassic Park' in Mexico
Europe Bristles at Hormone-Fed Beef
It's Always Summer in Britain's Resort Bubbles
In Bosnia, NATO Finds Peace at End of a Gun
Artist Jim Dine Finds the Personal In the Popular