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Monitor Archive for February 14, 1996

Democracy In Russia
American Center in Paris Closes, Heralding the End of an Era
Love Lines Along the Years
What Love Boils Down To
Plight of Asian Immigrants in Japan Belies Its Quest to Lead the Region
News In Brief
A Child's Song: 'Mother, Don't Grieve After Me'
Canadians Seek 'Spirituality,' But Not Always in a Church
More European Women Are Primary Breadwinners
No More Handwriting On This Community's Wall
Little Gifts That Give The Romance to Life
Transition in Haiti
A Onetime Ally to Milosevic Turns Critic
Political 'Voodoo' Clarified
Love Lines Along the Years
Retirement Planning: Women Look Into Futures
Aircraft Builders Jostle for Future Business
No Alien Top 40 Hits Yet, But Search Goes On
Critics Say Military Flight Safety Statistics Are Not Yet Airworthy
Buchanan, Alexander Chase Dole Into New Hampshire

California Jails Fill With Young Blacks
The True Measure of Love
The Truth That Tried to Get Out
Who Will Respond to Burundi?
Love Lines Along the Years
Love Lines Along the Years
Justice Trend: Violent Teens Get Their Day in Adult Court
Violent Image Becomes Radical Chic
Where, Oh Where Do Our Taxes Go?
Conflict on the Street: Artists v. N.Y.C.
Trying to Bridge the Racial Divide in America
Trade Warriors Fortify Asian Defense Alliance