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Monitor Archive for February 12, 1996

New Cafes, Crowded Trams Show Sarajevo on the Mend
A Backward Measure
Red Alert, Men! It's Almost That Day
Scholar Defends Traditional Islam
The Election Dynamic

The Hurricane That Swirls Over the Head Scarf
Teen Pregnancy And Poverty
Champion of Washington Breakfasts
Bosnia Arm-Twists the West To Get Money and Justice
To Sanction or Not: China Trade Policy Vexes Clinton Again
Key Islamic Terms
Before You Buy Seeds or Plants
From Company Field Tests to Your Backyard
Is Evil Ever Inescapable?

Seoul Awaits Deluge From North

Newsprint Price Hike Slated; Publishers Balk
From Winter Planning Comes Summer Bounty
Sisters Share Laughter Among the Soap Suds
Poetic Lessons Learned From Across the Centuries
'A Labor of Love' Focuses on the Artist's Heart as Well as Hand
China's Disc Pirates Thrive Despite Crackdown Pledge
Is North Korea Finally Opening Up? Hardly
Michael Moonwalks in Rio, As Brazil's Poor Samba
Iowa Caucus Will Sift Chaff From Wheat
Kevorkian Trial Renews Debate Over Euthanasia
On To Iowa
The Big Screen Wins At Sunny Film Festival
News In Brief
Train Wreck May Prompt Review Of Work Rules
Britain, Ireland Sort the Debris Of a Torn Peace
Seriously Tinkering With 1,000 Years of Tradition
New Industrial Complex in Valley Signals the Rebirth of Los Angeles
Political Pictures Make Strong Showing in Theaters
Where Islam Diverges From Western Religions
America's Debt Budget Battle Belongs to Under-30s