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Monitor Archive for December 6, 1996

Composer Philip Glass Hones Minimalist Style, Maximalist Output
Rebels in Zaire Rapidly Advance As Army Flees
Seattle Suit Claims a Police Dog's Bite Is Worse Than Its Bark
A Little Wonder And a 'Silent Night'
30,000 Questions From Under the Sea
Ghana Hopes for Losers Gracious as Dole
Clinton Signals Subtle Shift in Foreign Policy
Yesterday's Morality Police Teach Lessons for Today
Math Chat: Daylight Saving Time And Water Levels
Mama Wants A Llama
Will the Navy Goat Butt, Or Will Army Mule Kick?
Monitor Cartoon
Senate Committees Choose Chiefs
Safety vs. Profits Debate Doesn't Derail Chunnel
Serbia's Leader Risks Street Protests to Keep Iron Grip on Economy
An Unsafe Nuclear Plant in E. Europe Appears Unclosable
Peace in the Family
Antipollution Priorities
Who Decides Which Books A Child May Read?
News In Brief
Books on Film Censorship Offer Cultural Context
Rooting the Rote Out of Learning
Colleges That Join Forces Will Have a Future
Clinton's Reaction to Serb, Croat Dictators Too Slow, Too Mild
Judges Raise Conservative Hackles
Is That Really Madonna Singing?
Of Bibles and the Bible
Canada's Teleglobe Launches Global Satellite Phone Business
Kenosha's Comeback
A Bold Experiment in Indianapolis Puts Navy Base in Corporate Hands
Film Adaptation Of 'Les Enfants Terribles'
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Budgetary Vices in Miami Run Counter to City Trends