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Monitor Archive for December 31, 1996

America Taps Religious Roots In Year of Spiritual Questing
European Countries Battle To Save Fixed Prices for Lit
Internet Seeks New Names for Web Expansion

South Africans Want Olympic Flame to Light Cape Town
Which New Year?
Minority Farmland Eroded by USDA Discrimination
World's Love Affair With the Automobile: A Century Old and at Full Throttle
Dealing With Guerrillas
Why Russia Belongs in NATO
Countless Ways to Count
UN Plans to Create World Criminal Court
How Was Your Year?
Science Notes
Mexico's Press Is Still Muted
China Debates the Price Of Joining World Body
Journey of Chicago's Ultimate Street Tough
Brazil Asks: Is Mine Sale A Sell Off - Or Sell Out?
Evolving Motives Key to Understanding Modern Terrorism
Behind Current Headlines: The Military's Real Problem
News In Brief
Why Serbia Opposition Aims At First Lady's Power, Privilege
Analysts Mull 1997 Outlook After Profitable 1996
'RoboMoth' Helps Solve the Great Insect-Flight Caper
New Modems Speed Onto the Infohighway
Helms and the Extraterrestrials
Partying With Presidents - a Tradition