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Monitor Archive for December 11, 1996

Rising Costs Prompt Special-Ed Scrutiny
News In Brief
The US Will Not Get a Secretary-General Made to Order
Argentines Dig Up Dirt That May Bury Reforms
'Bye Caprice, Hello Minivan: N.Y. Cabs Get New Makeover
A Tangled Tale of Two Nations and One Family
Don't Save It on Kodak, Say It in Sketches
Two Views Of a Life Lived for Art
In City of Joy, Foot-Power Loses Pull With Rickshaw Ban
Radio Host Hamblin Weighs In
Redundancy, Again
College Pitch: Guaranteed Employment
Too Busy to Shop for Food? Use a Computer to Do It
The New Teamsters: Rig No Longer Required
Would a Gift Without The Perfect Wrapping Be as Special?
Faces Behind the Fight for Human Rights
Black-and-White Photos Lend Power To Classic German WWI Novel
Cooperation Cuts a Community's Crime
Court Weighs Child Safety vs. Ex-Con Rights
Where's the Problem?
World Waits for Clinton's 'Clarity of Purpose'
Britain Steps Away From A Frontier-Free Europe

SNI Funding Fertilizes Grass-Roots Groups
A Retail Lease on Life In Germany's 'Rust Belt'
Children and Trade
Under a Winter Moon