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Monitor Archive for November 8, 1996

Clinton's New Cabinet To Keep Centrist Creed
Towns Dread Job Cuts But Investors Applaud The Role of 'Chainsaw'
Sports Betting Changes Meaning of 'the Big Game'
The World Stage Awaits Clinton's Second Term
The Voter-Lawmakers
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Monitor Cartoon
Prison Where Mandela Was Jailed To Memorialize S. Africa's Struggle
Why Do Hutus and Tutsis Fight? A Thumbnail History
Yeltsin Rains on Reds' Parade With a Ban
The New Cars of 1997
CD Reviews
US Must Rescue Kurds Who Trusted US Employers
Texaco Case Raises Red Flag For Companies Over Racism
The Myth, the Truth, And the General's Glory
Whitewater, campaign finance issues will only intensify, observers say President Faces Legal, Ethical Scrutiny in His Second Term
World Aims to Return Mass of Hutu Refugees
From Armistice to Internet
Out on Video
At Home on a Spanish Gridiron
Don't Concede a Divided Bosnia
Britain Sharpens Scissors for TV, Film Violence
'What Should I Do?'
Football's King of Comebacks
Those Political Polls - Sometimes Accurate, Sometimes Not
Presidential Elections, Challenges of the Years
Canada Lets Defendants Turn The Tables on Their Prosecutors
News In Brief