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Monitor Archive for November 7, 1996

Refugees on the Run: Settle Them In Zaire, or Send Them to Rwanda?
The Caning of Democracy
A Reformed President?
Rocks of Ages Yield Clues to Life's Start
Parting the Veils Of Misunderstanding
What's On
Big question in Congress: Will it be cooperation or confrontation?
Bestselling Hardcover Nonfiction
A More Secure and Serene Bruce Is Boss of Acoustic Tour
Changing Map of American Politics
Now Back to Work
S. Africa Abortion Law Puts ANC in a Corner
'Use Less Stuff' - Simple Advice For Over-Consumers
Pranks and Pet Photos Prove Good for Corporate Morale
Economic Challenges For a Second Term
And a Reform Congress
In 'Associate,' Whoopi Shatters Glass Ceiling
Star Trek Crew Still 'Troubled With Tribbles,' 30 Years Later
News In Brief
College in Florida Capitalizes On the Art of Penny Pinching
On the Bus To San Cristobal De las Casas
Curbing the Clout of Israeli Right
You Are Holding Us (Prayer of new Haitian converts)
Dropout 'Contract' Tells Students of a Tough Future

President's win seen as mandate for moderation in Washington
God Can Be Understood
Lessons in Caring From Empty Classrooms
Campaign Told Us Little About Dividing Resources
An Absent, Ailing Leader Adds to African Crisis
Initiatives Show Voters' Reformist Ardor